• Nepal is Wide Open for Tourism

    Nepal is Wide Open for Tourism

    Please join us soon for a trekking experience of a lifetime. Neo Horizon Treks. A Himalayan adventure specialist is waiting to hear from you, soon, at Contact us with any questions and concerns and for more details and booking options. 

  • Tibetan Healing Arts in Nepal's Himalaya

    Tibetan Healing Arts in Nepal's Himalaya

    Our founder was published in the Culture section of ECS Nepal magazine on May 20th, 2016. Please enjoy Sowa Rigpa, The Tibetan Art of Healing ( The story is about "A traditional healing art still popular in the Himalaya…Sowa Rigpa is true to its ancient roots and has not been altered by the modern, turbulent world, but might help to cure its ills."

  • Wild for West Nepal?

    Wild for West Nepal?

    If you might be wild for the wild west of Nepal or wish to discover more about trekking in western Nepal then contact a Himalayan specialist, soon, at consider trekking Nepal's western Himalaya with Neo Horizon Travels ...experience the Himalaya in the rugged west and discover what trekkers are raving about…untouched and untamed Wild West Nepal!

  • Nepal--Where Adventure Begins

    Nepal--Where Adventure Begins

    Nepal--where adventure begins with Neo Horizon Travels. Join the Himalayan specialists of Neo Horizon Travels for adventure in the outdoor paradise of Nepal. Start the adventure by contacting us right now at Keep on trekking. Keep on enjoying the outdoor paradise of Nepal's nirvana. Trekking with Neo Horizon Travels

  • Dhirdo Power...24 hour?!

    Dhirdo Power...24 hour?!

    Savor a heaping taste of quintessential Nepali fare... Beyond daal-bhat tarakari which is a heaping plate of rice with lentil soup and curried vegetables is a lesser know but equally delicious, Nepali dish-- dhirdo. Dhirdo is a heaping plate of puréed corn or millet mash typically served with lentil soup and curried vegetables (ingredients for daal-bhat-tarkari and dhirdo are locally sourced and farm fresh). Accompany the tasty HImalayan fare with a classic Nepali beverage...chiyaa…

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