Meet Our Team

The team at Neo Horizon is honored that you are considering us for your journey in Nepal. We are devoted to providing the best experiences available from culture to nature to all-out Himalayan adventure and everything in-between.

We look forward to the chance of sharing insider information with you that we have gathered over the years including many of the secrets and treasures of Nepal--from the luxuriant greenery of jungle plains to fertile hills surrounded by emerald and golden paddy fields and dense forests on up to arid highlands surrounded by the highest mountain range on the planet with snowy peaks spiraling into the skies.

Please give us the opportunity to guide you on the experience of a lifetime in Himalayan paradise. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your journey and our services.

  • Alonzo Lyons

    Alonzo Lyons

    Expedition and Tour Leader

    Alonzo fell in love with Nepal and the Himalaya on his first visit in 1993. He is originally from Idaho in the northwest of the USA where he was raised with respect for the great outdoors. Alonzo especially enjoys sharing the cultural treasures and astonishing landscape with all-comers to Nepal's Himalayan paradise. 

    Keep on trekking, keep on enjoying the outdoors.



  • Jag M.

    Jag M.

    Naturalist, Tour Leader

    Jag has had a richly-varied career in the tourism industry of Nepal. He is originally from Nepal’s Chitwan area (famed for its national park--a World Heritage Site (Natural) with exotic flora and fauna and thrilling jungle safaris). He is a naturalist and guide in his homeland and has probably encountered more wild tigers than just about anyone on the planet. His interest in exploring more of his own country grew. Now, he has seen it all many times over and enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights about Nepal with all visitors.

  • Dal Bahadur G.

    Dal Bahadur G.

    Tour Leader

    Dal is an original member of Neo Horizon from the heartland of Nepal, the district of Dhading. Dal began his career as a porter and has quickly gained skills in all phases of tourism while leading groups from around the world. He has a wide range of knowledge, skills and capability. Dal relishes sharing Nepal with all visitors and developing new friendships along the way.

  • Dhurba B.

    Dhurba B.

    Climbing Guide, Tour Leader

    Dhurba is from the rugged western part of Nepal in an area named Kailali. While growing up, he could not get enough of the outdoor life. He developed a passion for climbing and is currently ranked as one of Nepal’s leading rock climbers. He has stood atop many Himalayan peaks, often guiding the ascent, and looks forward to sharing adventures in his motherland with all-comers.

  • Man Bahahadur K.

    Man Bahahadur K.

    Climbing Guide, Tour Leader

    Man is from central Nepal and has endless energy for exploring and climbing. While still new to it all, he surmounted all odds and scaled Everest on his own. He is currently involved in charting the hidden corners of western Nepal and knows and loves that area as well as anyone.

  • Ritu G.

    Ritu G.

    Trekking and Rafting Guide

    Ritu is from the central region of Nepal (close to the area struck by the April 25th 2015 earthquake). She has a tremendous breadth of knowledge of Nepal and the skills to prove it, from rafting to climbing and everything in between. She especially enjoys meeting new people and guiding female travelers to the wonders of Nepal. 

  • Daniel Flynn

    Daniel Flynn

    Tour Leader

    Daniel led his first tour in the Himalaya in 1998. He is originally from upstate New York and has since traveled a long, long way from home. Daniel is intent on optimizing health and well-being. He dreams of doing stand-up comedy and participates in theater, yoga and inter-cultural actitivties whenever and wherever he can. He enjoys social gatherings and sharing stories and experiences with one and all. Daniel has lived, worked and studied in Nepal, Japan, the Barbados, India, Thailand and both the east and west coast of the USA and many places in between.

  • Durga T.

    Durga T.

    Trekking Guide

    Durga is from central Nepal. His home village of Gatlaang was damaged heavily by the April and May 2015 earthquakes. He has been involved in the recovery efforts and along with all of Nepal, he is ready for the tourists to come and experience one of the most fascinating and beautiful places on earth.  

  • Dipak G.

    Dipak G.

    Trekking Guide

    Dipak Giri is originally from rugged western Nepal.He started young in the tourism industry, first as a porter and his talents were quickly recognized and he quickly rose through the ranks. He is now a guide for people wishing to visit the attractions and treasures of Nepal. Neo Horizons is lucky to have him join as the newest member of the crew.

  • Krishna P.

    Krishna P.

    Trekking Guide

    Krishna Pokhrel has an endless energy for exploring his homeland and passionate enthusiasm for sharing all he has learned with visitors. He is originally from Udaipur, a fertile district in the southeast of Nepal, and has since been all over the highlands of Nepal, guiding visitors to the treasures and highlights of Nepal. 

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