Terms & Conditions & Legal Details

  • Payment Terms and Conditions:
    Neo Horizon Travels agrees to progressive reimbursement of booking confirmation deposits due to trip cancellation for any reason. Refund amount depends on the date of cancellation in relation to the departure date of the trip. Please see the information below for more specific details.
  • Booking Confirmation:
    To confirm your booking and place on a trip, then within forty days of your arrival, 50% of the total booking amount is due. The outstanding sum is to be paid after arrival in Nepal and before the beginning of the journey within Nepal.
  • Cancellation System:
    Unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen. We understand that such events might cause a postponement or cancellation of a confirmed booking.  In case of a delay on your part, then we will do our best to re-schedule. If cancellation is necessary, then we provide repayment of the deposit as a percentage as per the following:
    • Between 30-40 days ahead of arrival to Nepal, 75% refund of advance amount
    • Between 15-29 days ahead of arrival to Nepal, 50% refund of advance amount
    • Between 7-14  days ahead of arrival to Nepal, 25% of advance amount
    • Less than 7 days before arrival to Nepal, 0% of advance amount
  • Insurance coverage:
    Clients need to organize their own medical insurance and evacuation insurance. We encourage clients to arrange this insurance coverage in their home countries before arriving to Nepal.
  • Personal property:
    We take every precaution for the protection and care of personal belongings. However, we cannot accept liability for the loss and harm to personal belongings and property including baggage during a journey and while being transported by vehicle, plane and in the control of porters and pack animals. (For added security please consider bringing small locks for your baggage.)
  • Flight Cancellation or Delay:
    While traveling there is always a chance of flight delays and sometimes even cancellations. Flight disruptions are usually caused by factors beyond our control, for example, poor weather conditions.
    We recommend that visitors to Nepal schedule extra days (for travelers to the Everest Region, at least two extra days) in an international itinerary to avoid possible conflicts with departure date from Nepal. When a delay or cancellation happens, then please note that meal and hotel costs will be the responsibility of the traveler and not Neo Horizon Travels.
  • Assumption of Risk:
    The traveler to Nepal assumes the risks and dangers that are part of the journey including delays, personal injury, sickness, and even death.
  • Disclosure of Health:
    Travelers booking with Neo Horizon Travels who have a pre-existing medical condition must clearly state the factual nature of the medical condition when booking with us. In such cases, a statement will be needed from the traveler’s physician that the traveler is capable to undertake the given upcoming journey with us.
  • Factors Outside of Our Personal Control:
    Neo Horizon Travels accepts no responsibility for changes in itineraries associated with factors outside of our control. We are acting as an agent and shall not be liable for any accident, damage, loss, international flight delay or cancellation, and inconvenience or loss caused in connection with the travel facilities and services arranged by us and our employees.
  • Please Note:
    The listed schedules for tours and treks are a general summary. We always do our utmost best to adhere to these schedules as listed. There are occasions where factors outside of our control can cause a necessary alteration in the itinerary timeline. These factors include but are not limited to weather circumstances, obtainability of lodging or campsites, political and government situations and country policy changes, trail and ecological changes and other events outside of our control. It is not likely that changes will occur that greatly alter the original schedule. However, we will not be liable for the consequences of delays and changes that are outside of our control. In the event of a significant schedule change and a need to alter routes, then the guide in charge will have the ultimate say on what is best for the group as a whole after consulting with members of the group and weighing the benefits and interests of the entire group. If a chance is necessary, then Neo Horizon Travels will do everything within our capacity to mitigate the effects of changes on the itinerary.
  • Special Requests:
    We give consideration to all requests and will do our best to accommodate special situations and circumstances. Please make such requests, for example, diet and menu requests, in writing when booking the trip. Neo Horizon Travels will do everything within our means to fulfill these requests.
  • Jurisdiction:
    This contract is in effect at the time of booking and will be subject to the laws of Nepal with jurisdiction by Nepal’s government.
  • Criticisms and Complaints:
    We will give full attention to grievances and complaints, and providers of services will consider complaints when written notice is given within two weeks of the conclusion of the activity or service.

Please Note: Secrets of the Himalaya is Organized as a Limited Liability Company, Registered and Certified in the State of Idaho, United States, and doing business as Neo Horizon Travels.

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