Why join the Neo Horizon team

We, the team of Neo Horizon, love what we do and have years of experience in the field developing our knowledge and skills. Our seasoned team of Himalaya specialists is inspired to share this love of Nepal with insider information. There is a lot to do in the Himalaya, and it would be a true privilege to guide you to the secrets and treasures of the Himalaya on the experience of a lifetime in Himalayan paradise.

Adventure in Nepal and the Himalaya is calling and Neo Horizon is here, ready to answer that call with you. Please contact us any time with questions or concerns about Nepal, booking details and beyond. Our specialists are ready and looking forward to hearing from you. 

*Secrets of the Himalaya is Organized as a Limited Liability Company, Registered and Certified in the State of Idaho, United States, and doing business as Neo Horizon Travels.

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